To Veil or not to Veil

With so many different options for a veil today I have put together some of my favourite veils and a few hints and tips to help you choose your perfect veil.

My first pick is the traditional Cathedral length veil (think Grace Kelly and Princess Diana).  Timeless and classic.  Cathedral veils are the longest and generally the most formal and they work best with a full length classic gown.   You can also do a little twist on the tradition with having it as a detachable veil so you can still kick up your shoes and dance the night away.
Princess Diana Wedding Dress Image via Pinterest

Princess Diana Wedding Dress
Image via Pinterest

A little too much?  You can start to scale back and look at the Chapel length veils all the way to the Elbow length veils.

The Chapel and Floor length veils are shorter than the cathedral length yet generally still drape on the floor.
Both of these veils look best with a formal gown yet you do not need to have a train.
You then start to move into the Waist and Elbow length veils.  They are both extremely versatile as they can be worn with the traditional ball gowns or more modern gowns.
Birdcage veils are becoming ever so popular. For me they are perfect for a vintage theme.  Some of my favourites are Reece Witherspoon’s character in Sweet Home Alabama.

Sweet home Alabama wedding Image fromPinterest

Sweet home Alabama wedding
Image from Pinterest

Most veils today are detachable and can be removed after the ceremony which allows you to hit the dance floor at the reception or without ruining your hairstyle.  If you decide not to wear a veil you can still add some bling with some great Hair Jewels available.

It can be as simple as a bejeweled comb, a sparkling tiara, a flower crown or an elaborate feathered concoction (picture Carrie’s hairpiece from Sex in the City).  Which ever of these options you choose, ensure that you take your hairpiece or veil with your when you go for your trial hairdressing appointment.  This will ensure that it can be secured in your hair properly and avoid any mishaps.
 And then sometimes the dress says it all and no veil is required
Fergie and Josh Image courtesy of GreenWeddingShoes

Fergie and Josh
Image courtesy of GreenWeddingShoes


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