Wedding Day Emergency Kit

On your Wedding Day be prepared for all possible situations with this great guide to a 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit.  

Pack all of this in a tote for ease of access during your special day.

Wedding Day Emergency - Share the Love

Fashion Fixes

□ Baby wipes.  Perfect to clean up and marks grubby hands and is generally safe to use on all types of fabrics.

□ Extra pantyhose. Keep a spare pair for yourself and the bridal party.

□ Extra earring backs.

□ Mini sewing kit.  Keep some extra buttons, needle, thread and small scissors.  Match thread to your bridal party’s colours and if you are unable to match the buttons, clear buttons are the best  option as they allow for the fabric colour to shine through.

□ Sticky tape and hemming tape.  Sticky tape is a great alternative if you can not get access to an iron to use the hemming tape

□ Double sided tape or Hollywood tape.  You can also use double-sided tape to fix you hems if you run out of sticky tape

□ Lint brush.  Quick and easy way to get rid of any pet hair and dandruff

□ Clear nail polish. Great to stop runs in pantyhose.


□ Make up and make up remover.  You could also get hold of some make up samples as these are a great size and won’t take to up much room.  If you are having a make-up artist, ask for some extra product for touch ups.  You can place lipstick on the end of a cotton tip to reapply later in the day or night.

□ Compact mirror

□ Tweezers

□ Tissues

□ Cotton balls and cotton tips

□ Nail file, nail polish removers and nail polish

□ Good moisturizer, something you can use on your hands, face and body

□ Brush, comb and hairspray.

□ Bobby pins and hair ties

□ Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash

□ Deodorant, perfume and aftershave.

Keep on Dancing

□ Antihistamine

□ Your prescription medications

□ Pain relievers

□ Band-Aids.  These are a must.

□ Snacks and water.

□ Breath mints

□ Party feet gel inserts or party feet ballet flats


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