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Introducing Elizabeth and Andrew.

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About Elizabeth and Andrew:

When my mother asked me to go with her to France a few years ago, she told there were two tours: May and September 2011. Since I’m an astrologer for, I chose May as it had the nicest line-up of planets during that time. Then I checked my own chart and saw that if we left on 24 April 2011, it was quite likely I would meet someone who would change my life.

Andrew, who works in retail management and couldn’t leave on Easter Saturday as he had wished, had the seat in front of my mother, and as soon as we saw each other, we smiled delightedly, and knew we’d known each other in a previous life.

We emailed throughout our holiday, caught up in Melbourne where he lives, and after a few weekends seeing each other in different cities, I moved in with him. We bought a house in September 2012 and got engaged in January 2013, the day the builder started renovating our bathroom!

I’ve just selected our wedding date in October this year and the first thing I’ve done is to book our wedding celebrant, who happens to be my mother’s lovely, long-time neighbour in the Gold Coast.

This weekend, we’re off to check out wedding venues in Sydney…

elizabeth and andrew


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