Inspired Memories

Guest Blogger Melissa from Melissa Bowman Weddings and Events shares some of her secrets to create Inspired Memories.

Would you LOVE to make sure that your wedding is different?

Trying to think of new ideas to make it unique and your very own?

It is hard when you have been to so many weddings – especially when all of your friends are getting married at the same time and you want to make sure yours stands out.

By adding your own personal touches will allow you to achieve this and our guests will always remember YOUR Wedding.

By including your guests in creating these inspired memories such as purchasing a Polaroid camera and have the guests take photos all night. That way you will see your wedding from a guests angle. Make sure you provide some frames so they can attach the photos they have taken and so they are shared amongst everyone. It is so much fun to look at. You can start the frame with some family photos or wedding photos from your parent’s wedding.

MB wedding blog image 2

Another fun idea is to get guests to write messages to you. There is always the good old guest book idea, but why not try something different. Buy some postcards and get them to write on them and have a prop that they can rest these post cards on. A bike is a great idea and you can put the postcards in the spokes.

MB wedding blog image 1
Got to love a keepsake.

These little things create talking points at your wedding – and involves the guests allowing them all to mingle well amongst the crowd.  It creates your own wedding – unique, personal and fun – just the way you want your wedding to be.

Melissa Bowman

Until next time

Happy Planning Everyone!



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