Wedding Gift Registry.. Are you having one?

It is never to too late to start organising your Wedding Gift Registry

Guest Blogger – Wedding Gifts Direct Written by Andrea Dunn discuss

A wedding registry may also be known as a gift registry, bridal registry or even a wishing well!

Couple - gift registryIn short, it is a list of items put together by a bridal couple that are intended to assist friends and family with purchasing gifts for the couple that will be used and appreciated.

Couples aren’t limited to registering for tangible gifts only; they also have the opportunity to have contributions made towards their honeymoon, an artwork experience, a new garden, a new home or even charity donations – all online and super easy for out-of-town guests.

It’s not greedy. This is often a couples biggest concern before registering – a highly unnecessary concern might we add. According to etiquette expert Emily Post, gift registries are a “very efficient way to select a gift that the couple would like, would need, and that wouldn’t be duplicated by other guests.”

Just Married- gift registryFor decades, couples have been receiving gifts that fall under the ‘traditional’ category. These include serving dishes, vases and silverware. No matter what is on your registry, you will still probably get the old traditional gift from Great Aunt Maude who just couldn’t bear to think what you would do without some crystal candlesticks.

Whether your style is in fact traditional, or retro, couples have the opportunity to visit our showroom to get a literal feel for the gifts, or complete the entire process online from the comfort of your living room.

It is important to always include gifts that range widely in price. And don’t stress about that $2,000 wine cabinet you’re dying for, these expensive gifts can be split into shares so guests can share the cost. Easy-peasy!

Letting your guest know. Typically, invitations would include the registry list.  Guests may ask the couple, their parents or members of the bridal party where they are registered. But the simplest way to inform your guests is to send out invitation inserts. These have all the information that your guests need, and for those older less internet savvy guests, they are more than welcome to call our showroom where one of our friendly bridal consultants will be able to answer any of their concerns.

Setting up your registry? Sign up now to receive free gifts and free delivery!

The biggest surprise is that a store with so many beautiful things, where everything is done for you (including invitation inserts!) has such competitive pricing and free delivery anywhere within Australia. Invitation Insert- gift registry

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Contact one of our dedicated registry experts!
Less stress, more fun. No bridezilla moments here! Our experts are just a call away. You can also schedule a private consultation or if you do not live close to a showroom take advantage of our unique telephone consultation.

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