Wishing Wells

Returning again as a guest blogger, is Andrea Dunn from Wedding Gifts Direct.  

Wishing wells have fast become a popular trend for engaged couples, many of whom believe that a pretty little bird-cage at their reception is the extent of this!

Wishing Well

But at Wedding Gifts Direct, we offer more than just the opportunity to receive money donations from your guests as their gift.

Many guests, especially those who are more traditional, don’t feel it is personal enough to just give a couple money donations. They’d prefer to buy you blenders and toasters, and copious amounts tea cups! So to make them more comfortable with doing so, WGD offers numerous types of money donations that can be personalised to the couples needs.

For example – Honeymoon wishing wells, mortgage/home renovation wishing wells, garden wishing wells, car wishing wells, adopt an animal wishing wells and SO many more!

Honeymoon - wed gifts direct

These personalised wishing wells can be added to your registry lists with varying donation amounts which you choose. It gives the guest a better understanding of what the money donations will be used for, and suddenly they can see you sipping cocktails on your honeymoon by the pool in Fiji, hammering away at new floor boards in your home or even nurturing your adopted Sloth in Central America!

The best thing about these wishing wells personalised or not, is that you can add them to your registry list in combination with tangible gifts! If you are in fact desperate for a new toaster, or perhaps a magical KitchenAid, you can add all of these items to your list with your wishing wells. So those super stubborn relatives – Great Aunt Maude – have the opportunity to make a donation to your wishing well, and buy you that all important kitchen appliance.

Screen Shot Registry (2)

And to top it all off, Wishing Wells are a FREE* service offered to those couples who have already registered their Wedding Gift Registry with us.

Create your FREE gift registry here today to take advantage of this month’s great FREE gifts!


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