Mid Week Weddings – Why Tuesday is the NEW Saturday

Mary-Anne Low from Bramleigh shares her thoughts on Mid Week Weddings. 

Mid Week Weddings –

Why the Tuesday wedding is the new Saturday

I remember the very first time I was asked about a wedding reception on a Tuesday by a potential couple.  My initial reaction was um, yes.   I guess we are normally not open on a Tuesday but we can certainly have a wedding on that day.

Fast forward a decade and Australian wedding venues, including Bram Leigh, have become a svelte seven day a week operation, catering for the diverse onslaught of bridal couples taking advantage of the midweek wedding.

Long gone are the days of getting all couples automatically getting married in the local church at 2pm on a Saturday and heading off to the venue for a Saturday night reception.  While still very popular, there is a suite of other options available, guaranteed to still make the wedding day polished, sophisticated and memorable.

It seems all of us have become so time poor –  whether it is work commitments spreading over across the week and families participating in hobbies and sports all weekend  It is no surprise that to create a wedding with a relaxed feel and that doesn’t conflict with other commitments, many couples are turning to a mid-week wedding.

The mid-week wedding ticks the boxes for many bridal couples.  Whether it connects to lucky numbers, a special anniversary or simply a couple’s availability, midweek weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Midweek weddings are also an attractive option to couples because of the simple fact that many of the leading wedding venues are booked out on weekends up to 18 months in advance.

Value is another reason why some brides are choosing a mid-week wedding, with suppliers across the industry offering cost effective or bonuses for booking these “off peak dates”.

The dynamics of a bridal couple has certainly changed.   Some couples are choosing to marry later in life, and often have already started a family and have purchase their first home, so an elaborate wedding is still on the cards, but cost is a big issue.

Having a midweek wedding could see the bridal couple save up to 50% – a huge saving when other financial commitments are a priority.

Midweek weddings also is a great barometer on who truly are your friends as there needs to be a sacrifice from their end with work and family to get there on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

A midweek wedding certainly does not equate to mediocre but rather a marvellous occasion that comprises of the same quality and pizazz, minus the weekend financial sting.



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