Longer than a lifetime – Preserving your Wedding Dress

So delighted that we welcome back Rosario to share his tips on Preserving you Wedding Dress.   If you missed Rosario first blog entry read about “Simple tips to care for your Wedding Dress”

Ok, so we have learnt how to handle the crisis of staining your dream gown and all the steps necessary to achieve the best result in removing the stain. Now I would like to share some of my personal techniques used to preserve the heirloom.

There is need to know facts about fabrics and once you know these, the methods used for preservation all make sense.

As previously discussed, heat ages and weakens fabric being one of the major causes of why white garments yellow over time.

Acid free paper is used to line the preservation box and protect the dress. The acid free paper acts as a continual treatment, as it absorbs any chemicals that may come into contact with the gown after restoration. Ensuring that the dress is kept in its original, natural, beautiful state.

Bridal One - perseving your wedding dress


3 thoughts on “Longer than a lifetime – Preserving your Wedding Dress

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