7 Steps to achieve your Inner Balance (Step 1)

I am very excited to present Michelle from The Bride Guru.  Make sure you take the time to read this fantastic 7 piece story to help you achieve your Inner Balance, to help you prepare for you Wedding Day.  Start now by reading Step 1.

Imagine YOU, the Bride-to-BE taking the 7 Steps to achieve Inner Balance

How are you feeling right now?? Is everything ok?

Preparation and self-awareness are key to achieving inner balance whilst preparing for one of the most important days of your life. It’s natural to feel so many mixed emotions, such as stress before the wedding. Factor it in. It’s going to happen. So there are 7 steps to help you accept this and help you and your partner enjoy this magical time.

Something really important about wedding stress is that there’s also post-wedding stress. The couple often feels sad, and they don’t mention it because they’re embarrassed to think something is wrong after the wedding. The planning stages are intense, the wedding is a blur, the honeymoon can be plagued with conversations about what went wrong. It is important for couples to anticipate this, expect it and welcome the post-wedding blues as part of the package.

What a wonderful opportunity for you to find deep love, tranquillity and nourishment of your soul! What a wonderful gift to give to each other as you start this new chapter of your lives! The transition from girlfriend, to fiancé to wife is sometimes not so easy, but with the right tools you can make it smoother!

So the first step, arguably perhaps, the most important step, is to look after yourself.

Step 1 Take care of yourself

Every Bride to be wants to be the ultimate star of her wedding!

You are in the midst of planning one of the most important days of your life, your wedding. Perhaps you have been swept away with all your arrangements and now starting to feel a strain.

Ask yourself and be completely honest. Are you taking care of yourself?

Yes planning your dream wedding is a full-time job, and there are a number of easy ways to make sure you enjoy the lead up to your wedding

The most important step is to look after YOU. Self-care doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Even when you’re in a hurry, stressed about work or the mountain of wedding errands to run, or feeling low on energy, taking a minute to think about your own self-care will boost your energy and your mood.

Consider the type of Bride you want to be. Always kept the end result in mind, and remember how you would like to feel and for others to see you as.

As you plan and create your big day, make conscious decisions by holding onto your dream wedding vision. Your clear vision will include taking care of you and it keeps you grounded.

A happy Bride-to-be allows herself to take time out to relax and recharge. Perhaps trying new activities like yoga, massage, or any activity that makes you feel alive. A massage, a facial, or even a manicure and pedicure in a spa setting can do wonders for your stress levels. Think of them as necessities for staying well-balanced and on task.

A happy, healthy bride treats her self to healthy food, gets enough sleep, and regularly does fun exercise.

She loves her body by making smart, simple lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain healthy weight loss without starving herself or going on a crash diet.

Now might be a good time to for brides to learn the importance of taking deep breaths ,to keep negative emotions at bay and control your emotions. With so much to do and stay on top of (not to mention the life-changing event to come), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Clear your head of worries. Start focusing on the in-and-out cycle of your breath for just a few minutes a day. It will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, too.

A happy bride replenishes herself with pure water, understands nutrition for healthy skin and she glows with happiness from the inside out.

A happy bride who looks after herself has more of herself to give to others, her partner, family and friends by being present enough to listen and confident enough to share her feelings.

Here’s some thing to do: make a list of ways you like to look after your self, choose 10 to do on a daily basis- Your personalised Self-Care List

Once you master looking after yourself, other events seem to flow more smoothly, you are in the best condition to deal with all things wedding!

The informed Bride-to Be knows that this is only the beginning of a life of health and happiness with her partner. Now is the time to build the foundation for a happy and healthy marriage.

The next Step to achieve inner balance is Nourish your body, taking good loving care of you body.

– Connect with your soul mate, the more self love you practice, the more love you have to offer your partner (or anyone else)!


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