Do you need to hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

Some advice from STU ART VIDEO Productions
I have had many brides tell me after the wedding that they weren’t 100% sure about getting video prior to the wedding, but were SO glad they did and find themselves watching and showing their friends and family the wedding video more than their photos.

A photo can only say so much, but with video you get to feel and re-live the emotions from the day in stunning high-definition. You can hear the croak in your fiancée’s voice when he says his vows to you, you can see the quiver of our dad’s bottom lip as he toasts to you during the speeches.

Often people will get ‘uncle Joe’ to film their wedding as he has a ‘good camera’ but, what they end up with is something very different to what a professional can produce. You wouldn’t trust your wedding photos with a non-professional, why would you for video? One important element often over looked is the audio aspect, professional audio using wireless lapel microphone means your video will sound as good as it looks. unlike Uncle Joe’s echo on-camera audio.

My wife and I now have kids, and our children never got to meet our grandparents who have since passed away. But they can hear and see them on our wedding video as if it was yesterday. Having the footage of my grandma speaking to us on camera on our wedding day is something we treasure.

Last year we had a tragic situation where the bride’s father died from a blood clot after his plane flight back to America following the wedding. We had extensive footage of her father’s best wishes, his speech, him walking his daughter down the aisle and dancing and having fun with the family. Needless to say her wedding video is extremely precious to the bride now and is a reminder that life is short and we should capture every special moment in our lives so that it can never be forgotten.

It’s not just your wedding day, it’s also a rare occasion that all your family and friends are in the same place at the same time. That alone is worth capturing on video!

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One thought on “Do you need to hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

  1. Great advice! I am so glad that I have a wedding video now 10 years later… at the time I wasn’t really fussed one way or the other but you can never re live the day!


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