Destination Weddings – Don’t get caught with Excess Baggage fees!

There’s plenty of ‘how to’ information available for brides planning local weddings but when it comes to destination weddings, brides are winging it. Destination brides still Erin_&_Guy_318want to achieve the ever-popular “DIY look” with personal touches (think twine-wrapped mason jars, fairy lights, origami cranes and ‘Love’ signs) yet in the planning frenzy overlook the fact that they’ll have to lug it all to their exotic location themselves. As a result, brides find themselves paying large amounts of money in excess baggage to ensure their precious possessions get there in one piece or settling for the ‘cookie cutter’ bridal package the resorts offer and compromising on their dream-day vision.

Excess baggage fees can be ridiculous, so do your research and cost comparisons and find a shipping company which suits you. If you’re going to an exotic location in the middle of nowhere, you can’t go past Pack and Send, which will send absolutely everything anywhere, even if they have to pay someone to hop on a boat and get it to you – THEY WILL.

Erin_&_Guy_326Real Story:

Guy & Erin were married two months ago. Erin wanted to give her day a ‘personal touch’ but since the resort only had a ‘cookie cutter’ package, she ended up buying everything from fairy lights, chalkboard, table decorations, jam jars and whatnot in Australia and getting all her friends and bridesmaids to lug them in their suitcase! For Erin, it was a stressful nightmare, and she wished she employed a shipping company to do the hard yards for her ahead of the day.

With some simple forward planning, there is an easy solution for fuss-free DIY destination weddings and Pack and Send are here to talk about how brides can achieve it!






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