These YouTube proposals, is it really what a woman wants?

Mary-Anne from Bram Leigh shares her thoughts on You Tube Proposals.

These YouTube proposals, is it really what a woman wants?

bride and groomWe have all clicked on the links to You Tube videos showing a flash mob proposal, or who can forget the one where the girl was told her boyfriend had died but then he appeared from nowhere with a ring, but in reality is that the type of (very) public proposal you would want?

Sure there is a small number of the population who would love to become a You Tube star by this means, but to many, a marriage proposal is a private and meaningful moment in your life that should be kept as a private occasion between the two of you.

With Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and every other electronic social media platform, everyone is going to know in 10 seconds or less, but doesn’t this all take away from a big formal announcement at a special occasion?

We speak with brides and they all love to tell their proposal story, and the ones that are the most heartfelt (in my opinion) are the ones that were a surprise.  It doesn’t matter if the proposal was made on the lounge room couch, sky diving or on a holiday – as long as it was a surprise it was the best proposal they could have wanted.

The ones where the bride had to wait 5 years, or pretty much go and buy the ring, or they “do it together” is not really what we dreamed about growing up.  I am sure the fairy tale was meet prince charming, fall in love, 1 carat diamond is produced and we live happily ever after.  It is not meet prince charming, wait 5 years for him to want to marry me, drag him by the shirt to the jeweller and then decide on it together.. but maybe its just accepted that the world has changed and this is how it is now!


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