Tulle tales, traditions and couture

wedding couple kissingWelcome back Rosario Intelisano –from Xpress Bridal 2U

It is entertaining to think about how cultural influences and traditions may take impact on your wedding gown. It may not have been something you have given much thought to – why would you? I never really paid much attention to that aspect until I came in contact with a recent client. I had to hand repair her amazing dress. The damage to her dress all stemmed from one tradition.

The bride is Lebanese and one of their traditions to help the newly married couple prosper, is to attach money to the bride’s dress. As you can imagine there are not many ways to successfully do so, in result the relatives happily took out a stapler and click, click, click away, all the money notes were stapled to the dress.

By hand and very carefully, I was able to make all the tiny holes disappear and re-attach any fallen crystal beads.

I am happy this bridal dress restoration landed in my lap. Not only for the pleasure it gave the young bride having her dress bought back to life, but also for the realisation I had of the importance and happiness wedding traditions bring, no matter the effect they may take.

If you know of any traditions where the wedding dress has come out worse for wear, please share the tale with us.



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