Your FREE Wedding Day Run sheet

All of the planning over the page 12-18 months has all lead to your Wedding Day.  By creating a Wedding Day run sheet it ensures your Bridal party (maid of honour, bridesmaid, fiancée, best man, groomsmen), your ceremony, reception venue, florist, photographer and the car hire know when and where they need to be.   Most of all once you have completed your run sheet, print a copy of each of your suppliers and the bridal party.

At Just as Planned we have created a blank template for you to completed your own Wedding Day run sheet.

Click here to download your FREE Just as Planned wedding day run sheet

Below is an example of a run sheet and some hints and tips to make sure your wedding day goes… Just as Planned.

  • 3pm ceremony
  • 30 minute drive from hotel to ceremony
  • 45 minute drive from ceremony to reception

Day before:  If you are leaving for your honeymoon straight away, make sure your bags are packed and don’t forget your passport.

8.30am  Shower and wash your hair

Tip: check with your hairdresser first as you may need to wash your hair the night before and put on a button up shirt or dressing gown so that you don’t ruin your hair and makeup later on

9.00am Hairdresser arrives

10.00am Makeup artist arrives. 
 Tip:  Ensure you have the packed your wedding day makeup for touch ups during the day
 11.00pm Photographer arrives
 Tip:  Keep a list of the photos you would like to have done pre and post ceremony
 12.30pm Photographer departs for grooms house
2.15pm The Mother-of-the-Bride leaves with her escort  and the Groom and the groomsmen leave for the Ceremony
2.15pm Photographer heads to ceremony site
2.15pm Wedding cars arrive
2.20pm Depart for ceremony location
2.50pm Arrive at ceremony location 
 Tip:  If you are having an outdoor ceremony and the groom can see you when you arrive, scout for a location close by for any last minute touch ups
 3.00pm Ceremony begins
3.30pm Ceremony concludes
3.50pm Photographs begins with guests and family
5.30pm Guests arrive at the reception – canapes and drinks are served. 
6.00pm Guests escorted to seats
6.15pm MC to announce bride and groom arrival
6.30pm Entrée is served
6.45pm First toast begins
 Tip:  Ensure you have the set list for the DJ, band or reception venue and test the volume to ensure the guest can hear all of the toasts.
 7.15pm Main meal is served
8.00pm Speeches finish
8.30pm Cake cutting time and dessert is served
 Tip:  this is a great time for the bride and groom to being mingling with your guests before your first dance
 9.00pm The first dance
10.30pm Tossing of the bouquet and garter

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  3. You may have to extend the photographer or videographer’s time by 30 mins to an hour, but it will be worth it if you are able to capture the key moments and reduce stress levels. Once you take a snap with the mums and dads, next your uncles and aunts will there to greet and take photos with you too.

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