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Bridal Jewels : Iconic Inspiration

Guest Blogger Paula Hall, from Paula Hall Designs takes us on a journey on some iconic inspirations of Bridal Jewels.

For hundreds of years, women have experimented with a myriad of wedding styles, themes and accessories to create the perfect look.  

Over the past 15 years I have been designing bridal jewellery, and the enduring trend is ‘timelessness’ pieces that will stand the test of time and sparkle in your wedding photos in 20 years’ time, just as they did on the day.  

The dress, the flowers, the hair and the makeup; all important elements of bridal perfection, but as the celebrated brides before us have shown – well-chosen jewellery is essential to complete the look. The best inspiration can be sought from iconic brides of the past and present, be it royalty – or queens of the silver screen.  

Grace Kelly 1Grace Kelly walked down the aisle and became a princess in one of the most unforgettable of bridal styles of her era. When the Prince of Monaco slipped a 10.47 carat pear shaped Cartier diamond onto her finger before their 1956 wedding, the movie star inspired generations of women that came after her and inspired brides to experiment with fancy cuts. With a statement engagement ring, she chose single drop pearl earrings to compliment her intricate lace dress.   

E5149CR Paula Hall Designs Crystal Drops $89.95 RRP

Kate Middleton 1

Grace Kelly’s immaculate lace sleeved, pearl embroidered gown has stood the test of time so much so that Kate Middleton is rumoured to have taken her wedding style from it.  

The bride wore simple, but stunning jewellery consisting of the Queen’s ‘borrowed’ tiara and diamond drop earrings from her parents. Whilst a tiara might be too much for those not marrying a prince, a well-designed hairpiece or embellished comb provides a modern take on the princess style.  

Paula Hall Designs Crystal Bracelet $139.95 RRP

Paula Hall Designs Crystal Bracelet $139.95 RRP

Princess Diana 1Princess Diana represented an era of bridal collections rivalled by no other. With her extravagant dress featuring shoulder pads, ruffles and a voluminous skirt taking centre stage, the tiara worn by Princess Diana softened and romanticised her look.  


The tiara, made from gold formed into tulip and star-like flowers, was worn alongside diamond drop earrings featuring central pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by almost 50 smaller gems. Brooches are a fantastic way to add a delicate yet bold statement, with a myriad of colourful crystals and floral designs now available.



Elizabeth Taylor 1A list of famous brides and their jewellery would not be complete without a mention of Elizabeth Taylor. The woman, who was married eight times to seven different men, dressed extravagantly on many of the occasions and was renowned for her amazing jewellery collection. With eight weddings came eight opportunities for Taylor to experiment with the perfect accessories.  

As a first-time bride, Taylor wore traditional white satin. This style is reminiscent of the classic 1950’s bride: tight bodices, nipped waists, lace trim and plenty of crinolines. Effortless and simple stud earrings accompanied the look, which was complimented with the choice of a veil. Stud clusters ooze old Hollywood glamour and sophistication, and are a popular choice amongst brides looking to emulate Liz’s style.

Elizabeth Taylor 2

Taylor redefined the concept of femininity with her 60’s wedding to Richard Burton. With the abundance of flowers in her hair, Taylor’s extravagant hair became the centrepiece of her bridal look. Current trends in whimsical, floral embellished jewellery designs are an elegant deviation from the traditional bridal norm.  


Paula Hall Designs Antique Crystal Stud $81.00 RRP

Paula Hall Designs Antique Crystal Stud $81.00 RRP

These iconic brides have shown us how bridal wear continually evolves, with the choice of the perfect accessories playing a significant role in creating the desired look. Personally, I strive to create a collection that combines all the elements to suit every bride, and create a flawless, timeless look.

 Paula Hall Designs Crystal Floral Studs $89.95 RRP

Paula Hall Designs Crystal Floral Studs $89.95 RRP

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Paula Hall Designs Crystal Floral Stud $69.95 RRP

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Paula Hall Designs Crystal Drops $59.95 RRP