20 brides-to-be, 20 money saving wedding tips

Getting married is a pricey affair but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways you can slash the cost of everything from your bridal gown through to the bonbonnieres.

Financial comparison site, Mozo.com.au, asked hundreds of brides-to-be to share their top cost cutting tips for their big day.

From the thrifty bargain hunting tactics through to the cheeky cost cutting methods, here are 20 money savings tips from 20 brides-to-be:


  • “Design your own Save the Date card and Invitations and get them printed from Vistaprint”: Marie
  • “Only invite those who you know you won’t be sorry you invited in 20 years time!”: Kathryn                                                                                                           


  • “Do a pre-wedding shoot. Without guests around, it takes less time (and costs less). On the day itself, get a relative to snap important moments”: Kate
  • “We’ve asked friends to take turns taking happy snaps of our wedding and upload the photos onto our instagram account! Saves on a photographer!”: Candice

Bridal gown

  • “Save on an expensive wedding dress by recycling and buying a retro vintage dress instead”: Seyon
  • “Buy your dress from eBay USA – beautiful brand new designer dresses for under $500!”: Faria


  • “Every bride needs something borrowed, why not be specific and borrow your wedding shoes? Today glitsy heels are very accessible”: Sian


  • “Plan a sunset ceremony on a weekday eg. Friday as this provides a cheaper venue cost”: Liz
  • “We are doing a morning wedding and ceremony for close family and friends only, and making a lot of our own decorations”: Jess


  • “Instead of gifts, ask family and friends to bring a plate and have a picnic in the park after the wedding”: Sarah
  • “Cooking your own meals with your partner will ensure you not only have fantastic food but also at $10 a meal who can go wrong?”: Karley


  • “Our friend home brews so is brewing the whole bar for our wedding saving us hundreds of dollars!”: Hannah


  • “Ask for a ‘celebration cake’ rather than a ‘wedding cake’ and try chain bakers like The Cheesecake Shop or Michel’s Patisserie”: Julia


  • “I am cutting out the middle man and am befriending a flower farmer, creating my own bouquet and supporting a local grower”: Candice
  • “IKEA sells amazing artificial flowers. One shopping trip and a couple of YouTube clips has saved me $600+ dollars. My beautiful bouquets are perfect!”: Toni
  • “For the wildflower look, keep an eye out for flowers that grow along the sideways of the freeway/highway! Also, baby’s breath is cheap too!” : Peta


  • “Make decorations from stuff you can get from op shops. For example I am going to put pebbles and a candle into a jar for the table decorations”: Jacinda
  • “I have spent 3 months folding paper flowers to create a beautiful bridal table backdrop for my reception. Resources have only cost me $6”: Danielle


  • “We spent $40 on a custom-made cookie cutter for gifts for the guests – much better than a corkscrew each or something”: Hannah
  • “Use a free app to personalise and print individual wedding favour gifts for all of your guests!”: Alisa

For more thrifty tips for your big day, head on over to Mozo’s wedding hub.


Uniqueness… Always a Challenge

Guest blogger Mary-Anne Lowe  – CEO Of  BRAMLEIGH RECEPTIONS shares her views on today’s Weddings.

In the wedding industry, the term unique is thrown around constantly.  Nuptials are constantly looking for that elusive unique entity that will make their wedding and reception shine like no other.

The obvious one is the bridal gown and over the last two decades, I have seen a sea of diversity in the gowns that brides choose to look unique.  Flowers, being seasonal, are often a hard one to captivate in the ‘unique’ basket, but brides give it a red, hot go!

Sometimes, it is the intricate elements of the wedding and reception that give uniqueness a whole new meaning.  I am often very impressed by the level of details a couple gives to the quality of their Bonbonniere or favours.  Gone are the days of silver cake slicers with a bag of almonds or an ornament which will eventually gather dust.

These days, couples are very creative with their favour investment.  Just recently, I noticed my staff putting beautiful glass jars filled with personalised printed smarties on the tables in preparation for the wedding.  Wow what an impact and talking point for the guests.  These smarties were printed with a special announcement and were printed on pink and blue smarties.. You can only imagine what the surprise message was for the guests !  Very unexpected but also very exciting!

 smarties in jar

One of the new trends which I am sure will be the next big thing is the smash chox which are a chocolate box filled with your favourite lollies, and the concept behind them is that your guests get to enjoy their treats and eat the box too! I can’t imagine too many of these will be left over at the end of the night. Check out http://www.chocolateworks.com.au

Contemporary brides are also lifting the bar in what they give to their husbands on the day as a gift and vice versa.  I used to cringe when a puppy was pulled out of a basket with a white ribbon to be given to the bride as a gift!  Fortunately, that fad is long gone and we are now seeing a range of gifts that are more personal, private and sometimes just for the eyes of the newlyweds.

On the wedding day, the most important piece of jewellery given is the wedding ring, but often the groom will surprise the bride with beautiful pair of earrings, bracelet but I find the most treasured gifts are those that can’t be bought with money, it’s the ones where the bride or groom leave a card and notes for them to find on the wedding day, or a bride making a packed lunch of his favourite sandwich for the wedding day to make sure he has something to eat.  It is these moments that bring  a tear to my eye and are the reason why there is no better industry to be  part of.


Until next time,

Happy Planning Everyone!