How to make a DIY flower crown in 5 simple steps

Our good friends from have put together a great DIY post on how to make a flower crown.

If you don’t remember the heady days of the 60’s then you might not know what a flower crown is and why in the world you might want to make one. For those of us who were young and flamboyant in the 60’s however, we remember these whimsical and girly flower crowns with affection.

So it was quite a surprise to realise that floral crowns are making a big comeback with young girls today and that just about everyone wants to be seen wearing one of these fabulous floral creations.

They look absolutely beautiful on blushing brides and you can match them to your wedding dress and to the bride’s dresses as well. You don’t have to keep them to weddings though, because they bring a fresh and girly feel to just about any happy event.

Making your own floral crown is really easy if you have a ready supply of flowers in your garden. Otherwise, if your garden is bereft of flowers, then you can simply order flowers online and have it delivered in Melbourne or any other cities across Australia.

So grab your girlfriends and have a wonderful day making these beautiful floral crowns for yourself and each other.

  1. You need to collect your supplies together which includes, flower wire, tape and wire cutters, as well as a selection of fabulous flowers and some greenery.

Measure the circumference of your head and add about 10cm, cut the wire and bend the ends over to form a circle big enough to sit on your head. Then wrap the tape along the wire, making sure that you cover all of the floral wire (you need to wind the tape around the wire a couple of times).

  1. Decide whether you want to make a full crown or a half floral crown, then select the greenery and tape this to the wire, making sure to cover all of the wire where you want to add flowers (half or a full crown design). You will have to tape each of the greenery stems about 3 or 4 times around to make sure they stay in place nicely.
  1. Make small bundles with the flowers and tape them together
  1. Once you have covered the wire with the greenery, select your flowers and trim the stems leaving about 10cms or so to make it easier to attach the flowers to the wire.
  1. Arrange your flowers along the greenery covered circlet and tape each stem in place with the floral tape (3 or four times should do it).

The design of your floral crown is limited only by your imagination – wear them to weddings, parties, family get-togethers and even dates.

Step 1

Step 1


Step 2

Step 2


Step 3

Step 3


Step 4

Step 4


Step 5

Step 5








Wedding traditions may be a thing of the past

Mary-Anne Lowe from The Riverstone Estate shares her advice on getting to the Ceremony.

wpid-img_15003378950191.jpegLong gone are the days where brides were obsessive about having something borrowed or blue, modern bridal couples are creating their own traditions.

Most bridal couples simple do what they want on their wedding day to satisfy their personal tastes and lifestyle.

Weddings are now viewed as a huge party without the rigid order of getting engaged, getting married, buying a house, having children.  Many couples have their order!

Not all bridal gowns are full length or even white, with most brides not wearing a veil.  Traditional fruit cake wedding cakes have been replaced with separate cupcakes or chocolate sculptures.

The traditional weekend wedding has now extended to any day of the week which couples are flocking to.

The only real tradition that seems to stay is the bride changing her name but there is a significant number who keep their maiden name.

Even bouquet throwing at the end of the reception has been tweaked.  The bride often hands over the bouquet to the couple who have been together the longest.

Brides are also opting to have both parents walk them down the aisle.

Whatever the changes, bridal couples are really personalising their big day that makes it right for them.

Traditional Bridal Dance Waltzes out the door – Reception dance floor heats up with Latin and Bollywood

Pink dress12 no logoAustralian bridal couples are determined to create something fresh and unforgettable at their wedding reception.  Many are turning to professional dance companies, such as HD Entertainment, to create a jaw-dropping Latin or Bollywood dance routine, guaranteed to entertain their guests at their reception.

HD Entertainment in Melbourne, is struggling to keep up with the number of bridal couples who want to perform a sassy Latin number for their reception party.  Depending on the style and restrictions of the bridal gown, HD Entertainment can teach a couple a basic routine, which includes a dip, twirl and travelling steps in three lessons.  A full performance incorporating multiple styles, lifts and tricks may take a dozen lessons to master.

Traditional, slow-moving bridal waltzes and serenades are being replaced with high energy kicks, turns, and sultry moves.

According to HD Entertainment founder and Principal dancer and teacher, Hooman Ebadi, brides and grooms to-be are becoming increasingly dedicated and passionate in creating an unforgettable and extraordinary dance routine for their first dance as a married couple.

“At HD Entertainment, we are seeing couples really stretching themselves in perfecting a performance that will leave their guests stunned.

David and Rani Janovic, recently performed an exotic and electrifying Latin dance in front of their 480 guests at their wedding.

“Our guests still bring up how wonderful our dance was. It was a masterpiece!! We actually got a standing ovation.” Rani said.


For more information on the bridal dance packages, visit

Mid Week Weddings – Why Tuesday is the NEW Saturday

Mary-Anne Low from Bramleigh shares her thoughts on Mid Week Weddings. 

Mid Week Weddings –

Why the Tuesday wedding is the new Saturday

I remember the very first time I was asked about a wedding reception on a Tuesday by a potential couple.  My initial reaction was um, yes.   I guess we are normally not open on a Tuesday but we can certainly have a wedding on that day.

Fast forward a decade and Australian wedding venues, including Bram Leigh, have become a svelte seven day a week operation, catering for the diverse onslaught of bridal couples taking advantage of the midweek wedding.

Long gone are the days of getting all couples automatically getting married in the local church at 2pm on a Saturday and heading off to the venue for a Saturday night reception.  While still very popular, there is a suite of other options available, guaranteed to still make the wedding day polished, sophisticated and memorable.

It seems all of us have become so time poor –  whether it is work commitments spreading over across the week and families participating in hobbies and sports all weekend  It is no surprise that to create a wedding with a relaxed feel and that doesn’t conflict with other commitments, many couples are turning to a mid-week wedding.

The mid-week wedding ticks the boxes for many bridal couples.  Whether it connects to lucky numbers, a special anniversary or simply a couple’s availability, midweek weddings are becoming more and more popular.

Midweek weddings are also an attractive option to couples because of the simple fact that many of the leading wedding venues are booked out on weekends up to 18 months in advance.

Value is another reason why some brides are choosing a mid-week wedding, with suppliers across the industry offering cost effective or bonuses for booking these “off peak dates”.

The dynamics of a bridal couple has certainly changed.   Some couples are choosing to marry later in life, and often have already started a family and have purchase their first home, so an elaborate wedding is still on the cards, but cost is a big issue.

Having a midweek wedding could see the bridal couple save up to 50% – a huge saving when other financial commitments are a priority.

Midweek weddings also is a great barometer on who truly are your friends as there needs to be a sacrifice from their end with work and family to get there on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

A midweek wedding certainly does not equate to mediocre but rather a marvellous occasion that comprises of the same quality and pizazz, minus the weekend financial sting.