Wedding cake inspiration

They say you eat with your eyes and with these beautiful wedding cakes these will surely make you want to dig in.

Faye Cahill (Image from their website)

Faye Cahill
(Image from their website)

Cake Ink (Image from their website)

Cake Ink
(Image from their website)

From Planet Cake Bec & Lleyton Hewitt (Image from their website)

From Planet Cake
Bec & Lleyton Hewitt
(Image from their website)

Cake This (Image from their website)

Cake This
(Image from their website)

Le Pink Petite Patisserie (Image from their Facebook page)

Le Pink Petite Patisserie
(Image from their Facebook page)

The Cake That Ate Paris  (Image from their Facebook page)

The Cake That Ate Paris (Image from their Facebook page)



A little wedding planning advice from Jaime King

OK so this just happened and I am beyond excited.  Today (it’s a Sunday here in Australia), just sitting on the couch looking through Instagram and I see a beautiful post from the ever delightful Jaime King, so I decided to write a comment and ask if I could interview for my little wedding blog.

Not expecting a reply but less than 20 minutes later i get a notification about a reply from Jaime King.  Well you could just pick me up off the floor. This is no ordinary comment but a heartfelt and genuine quote.

It is rare for a celebrity to take the time out of the their busy schedule and family time to comment to fans and also to provide advice for free.

I agree with everything thing Jaime has suggested especially around how a wedding is a celebration.  In my previous blog I talked about how you need to remember why you are getting married.  A wedding is for one day however you should be wanting a marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Wedding advice from Jaime King

“Savor every moment, relax and enjoy, don’t be pressured into doing or inviting anyone that doesn’t uplift you, no matter what tradition states.  It is a day of your dreams becoming reality, you don’t need a lot of money to make something beautiful. 

Choose a place that is naturally gorgeous, with gardens, lake or the sea, or natural flora around to save on flowers etc.

A candy bar is an easy fun way for take home gifts.  buffet, buffet, buffet.  Karaoke machine!!!  The more simple the better

And most importantly a wedding is a celebration of the spiritual union, it is sacred, not an obligation to please others.

Make a list of what is most important to you to spend on and where you can save.  And if you feel cornered by any people pleasing patterns, elope! LOL!!”

Until next time

Happy planning everyone

xo Christine

The story of Rhiannon and Aaron and their journey to planning their wedding.

The story of Rhiannon and Aaron as told by Rhiannon and their journey to planning their wedding.

Aaron and I met through mutual friends when we were in different stages of our life. Both in very different relationships. 4 years later our lives had changed and one night Aaron asked if I wanted to go for a drive and just catch up. From that moment on we have never left each other 3 years on.

Aaron and I have had anything but an easy start in our relationship. We have faced many struggles in our relationship but always together.  Four months into our relationship Aaron and I had moved in together with his parents. For most people they can’t stand their in-laws and many call them their outlaws. But for me they treated me like royalty and still to this day it’s no different.

Six months later an on Christmas afternoon we were sitting around the Christmas tree with Aaron and his niece and my beautiful mother in law. Under the tree there was a box wrapped in princess paper or should I say a box in a box in about another 5 boxes. In the last box awaited a beautiful white gold and diamond ring before Aaron could say anything his 13-year-old niece said ” are you getting married” Aaron looked at me and said so what do you say? All I could think of was umm yeah I guess so. The look on his mums face was one of many emotions all at once and she too did not know what to say. This was the best Christmas afternoon to date. We went to our first bridal expo in our local town of North West Victoria. We had booked our wedding within 2 months of being engaged and started the planning for our celebrations. Everyone was so excited for the two of us. Aaron’s mum was over joyed by her son getting married to ‘thire’ girl as that was what they always called me. She had started offering all this help and getting interested in the planning.

In June of 2013 everything took a turn. My beautiful mother in law started to get sick and wasn’t doing all that well. She started to pick up so we thought. However in August things couldn’t have become worse when Aaron’s beautiful mum had passed away. It shattered our family and made life feel empty. In respect of Aaron’s mother, my mother in law we chose to cancel our wedding and just be there for each other and Aaron’s dad. Try and move forward and deal with life in such tragic time.

Time had passed I won a voucher for a bridal shop where I had found a dress and started to lay buy it. I had half paid off the dress and the bridal shop went belly up and closed down they offered no refund and as we were moving house I couldn’t afford to pick it up so sadly I lost out on that dress. In October of 2014 Aaron and I spoke about getting married again we weren’t in a position to pay for a wedding after everything, but we had promised Aaron’s mum that we would get married in October of 2015.

Aaron didn’t want a big wedding in our local town and I always wanted a beach wedding. We started searching for elopement packages in Adelaide. Through our searches we came across a photographer by the name of Glenn Alderson. We got in contact with Glenn and seen he offered elopement packages with a celebrant by the name of Chris Churchill. Now not being from Adelaide or knowing who was good and who wasn’t we trusted the reviews on Glenn’s page and his work and booked an elopement package with him.

Aaron and I were only going to have an intimate wedding and a dinner for two, however things quickly changed and we decided to make it more of a destination wedding. We got in contact with Glenn once again for his recommendations on where would be nice to stay and to have a small reception.  Glenn suggested we stay with Largs Pier hotel so again we went and done the research and liked what we seen so we booked didn’t compare with anyone else just went with it. Then the choosing of location becomes hard. We knew we wanted a beach wedding and knew we wanted it near Semaphore but weren’t sure where.

One day Glenn shared a post by Set Your Scene who i then contacted about ceremony decorations after seeing exactly what i wanted as a beach setting. I asked Kellie from set your scene on where was the best place and she made her suggestion and we went with it and hoping for the best. As for the rest of our wedding planning was slightly more challenging. As not knowing any one it becomes hard choosing cake makers and florist’s hair and makeup artists and a lady to create amazing invites.

I had one florist make me feel like I was a pain in the bum and didn’t really make me feel welcome with her business and when I said things she would say I thought you wanted this. She became to really annoy me and make me feel stupid. So I then changed florists and have found a lady who is fabulous and has been more than helpful in the planning of my flowers as I am after a special touch to them. As for cake makers I had quote after quote but wasn’t comfortable as they were all home based businesses and I just didn’t trust my instincts and some were rather difficult to work with. Thanks to the Adelaide Wedding Advisor group on Facebook I got a recommendation for Sugar and Spice which is a shop and also offered refrigerated delivery which for me was a bonus being so far away from city. We met with Amanda and she was absolutely amazing and has made me feel as if nothing was too hard or any trouble her work looks beyond excellent and the quality and taste of their products is unforgettable which is what you want.

Everything with our planning has now come together and I must say I am more than happy with all my suppliers and couldn’t thank them enough. One lady who I could never thank enough would be Jo from Style My Event. She has had to deal with me change my mind a thousand times and not once has she made me feel less always felt like a valued client. I’ll never be able to thank her for all her work and help she has given me as she has done such a wonderful job in everything.

Our wedding is not just a wedding though it’s a remembrance and will be one of the saddest yet happiest days of our life. The hardest part of our wedding is not having my dearest mother in law by our side seeing us enter our new journey in life instead she will be watching over us. She is the inspiration behind our wedding and the reason we are determined to have it on October of 2015 as we promised her. Neither Aaron or myself can financially afford to have our wedding and are doing it on an extremely tight budget as we aren’t getting help from anyone else. But we are going without a lot of what we would like to have for our wedding and doing many DIY things because of this such as setting up the reception with my Maid of Honor to cleaning the mess up the next day. We’re having to go cheap as possible where we can and missing out on a lot of things we would like to have such as a DJ and having someone set up our reception or having the cars we want more than ever and dreamed of being able to have. But we’re doing our best to make it a special day and keep the promise we made to Aaron’s beautiful mother and to respect her well wishes she gave us. I never thought planning a wedding in another state where we didn’t know the wedding industry be such a good experience I thank each and every one of our suppliers for all their help.

I hope by sharing our story I have touched at least one reader who is grateful for everything they have and had on their wedding day and that the things you stressed about are minimal compared to what others might have to go without on their wedding day.

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Wedding on a Budget

Cash strapped couples can feel a little left out of the decadent wedding game.  There are so many different ways you could spend a fortune on the wedding of your dreams.  Luckily, having a budget does not mean that you need to abandon all your dreams.  In fact, it can keep you focused and mindful of the things you really want to make your special day.  Here are some tips.


weddingonabudget-inviteBespoke invitations are beautiful but the costs really add up especially if you have a large guest list.

If you print out your invitation on the computer, it will look a bit corporate and dull.  That is until you unleash your creativity (and a bit of pinterest inspiration).  You do not need to be a graphic artist to pick out some cardboard and ribbon and other embellishments to bling it up a little.  Most of us are capable of doing a bit of gluing, cutting and bow tying with a bit of practice.  The benefit is that the choices are endless and you will come up with truly unique invitations.

One of my friends inspired me to handwrite my invitations.  She said that her mother did not like computer generated invitations and so she handwrote all invitations to her 21st birthday party.  I taught myself calligraphy from a book and, after a few practice attempts, I handwrote each and every invitation to our wedding (we had 120 invitees!)  It meant that our invitations looked like they cost thousands when in fact they were less than $1 each.  I would only recommend this for the truly dedicated and organised but I did find it therapeutic after I got into a rhythm and I learnt a new skill I have used on birthday cards since our wedding.


A florist told me when I got married that it is flowers, after the Bride, that draw the most attention at a wedding.  Although all wedding vendors will say that about whatever it is they are selling, I tended to agree with her.

While florists can do truly beautiful arrangements, it is not necessary to have professionally arranged flowers.  We bought enormous bunches of wildflowers from the markets on the morning of our wedding.  My mother tied bunches of them for me and my attendants and put some in large vintage cream cans my parents-in-law had for the ceremony.  They were very striking and cost less than $50.

If you prefer more polished flowers, I went to a wedding where the Bride and her attendants carried a single red rose and there was one on each table at the reception.  Elegant, simple and classy but it would not have broken the bank even with the highest quality roses. weddingonabuget=flowers


To some people food is more important than it is to others.  However, if you have people travelling long distances for your wedding, you will need to make sure that there is enough food for your guests.  Grumbling tummies after spending the day with you does not make for well wishes.

You can save a lot of money on catering by having a cocktail reception rather than a sit down meal.  Many couples baulk at this idea because it seems too informal.  Ironically, the most formal society weddings in England are cocktail style.  You just need to make sure that there is enough food and there are plenty of chairs available for people to sit down if they need a rest.

If you do want a sit down reception, try getting a quote from your preferred reception centre for a “function” rather than a wedding and asking if you can set up the tables yourself.  You may find that the quote is significantly lower.

Wedding cake is often wasted.  The tradition of giving each guest a piece of the cake as they left is well and truly dated.  Most guests just left it in their cab or in their pocket and forgot about it.  Why not get your wedding cake to double as dessert?  You are not limited to fruit cake and you can have more than one type of cake.  Some people now have wedding cakes made out of wheels of cheese.  You can present different cakes with the same icing to create a more traditional wedding cake.  I have seen Brides present their wedding cakes on boxes under satin or velvet to create a tier effect if your cake is too soft to stand on top of each level.  Homemade cakes can look more professional and polished if you decorate them with flowers rather than amateur piping.

The Dress

Specialist wedding dress shops tend to be very expensive.  One of my friends wore a beautiful cream silk designer label dress she picked up in a high end boutique for $600.  Expensive for an evening gown but very cheap for a wedding gown.

If you have been sketching your dream wedding dress since you were a little girl, ask around for recommendations on home based seamstresses.  You would be astonished to find the quality of tailoring available from home based businesses.

Other Ideas

Why not put together a list of “extras” that you would really like if you could only afford it.  Guests will undoubtedly be asking what you want as Engagement and/or Wedding gifts.  If they know that you dearly wanted a string quartet, a soloist, hand crafted chocolate truffles as bonbonniere or a vintage Rolls Royce wedding car they may be able to get it for you.  Your cousin might play in a quartet, your Great Aunt might love to make your bonbonniere and your best friend’s parents might be members of a vintage car club.



Kate Schwarz is the developer of Gift Club – an App for iPhone with an Android version coming soon.

Gift Club is an all purpose fully customisable gift registry on your phone.  You can add anything you like to your wish list – traditional wedding gifts, cash, honeymoon activities, someone to make the wedding cake…

After the wedding, you can use the wish list for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers…  You just keep your wish list current and it is searchable whenever anyone wants to buy you a gift for any reason.  There is no risk of causing offence because the wish list is searchable and people will only look it up if they have already decided to give you a gift.

The App is free and can be downloaded here

Check out Gift Club on Facebook here
















Wedding traditions may be a thing of the past

Mary-Anne Lowe from The Riverstone Estate shares her advice on getting to the Ceremony.

wpid-img_15003378950191.jpegLong gone are the days where brides were obsessive about having something borrowed or blue, modern bridal couples are creating their own traditions.

Most bridal couples simple do what they want on their wedding day to satisfy their personal tastes and lifestyle.

Weddings are now viewed as a huge party without the rigid order of getting engaged, getting married, buying a house, having children.  Many couples have their order!

Not all bridal gowns are full length or even white, with most brides not wearing a veil.  Traditional fruit cake wedding cakes have been replaced with separate cupcakes or chocolate sculptures.

The traditional weekend wedding has now extended to any day of the week which couples are flocking to.

The only real tradition that seems to stay is the bride changing her name but there is a significant number who keep their maiden name.

Even bouquet throwing at the end of the reception has been tweaked.  The bride often hands over the bouquet to the couple who have been together the longest.

Brides are also opting to have both parents walk them down the aisle.

Whatever the changes, bridal couples are really personalising their big day that makes it right for them.

A Little Favour

Favours (also known as Bombonieres) are a little gift given by the Bride and Groom as a way to say “Thanks” and also a way for your guests to remember you special day.

Not just for wedding anymore, Favours are given out at Birthday Parties, Engagements and even Baby Showers.

With so many different option now available, Favours now can complement your theme, style and colour scheme of your next special event.

These Favours will add that extra bit of WOW Factor to your next event.  Simple yet elegant, these favours can also be used a Place Card holder to make it even more cost effective.

Show a little more of your sense of humour with these cute little gnomes. 

Perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Everyone one love a Cinderalla moment.  These Cinderalla Wedding Carriage Candles will do that.

For every event, Just as Planned has the perfect Favour for you.  Visit us now at to find your perfect Favour.

Until next time,

Happy Planning Everyone!